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Home Warranties

Home Warranties: 1) New Home "One Year Warranty

and 2) "Third Party" Warranties Purchased by Homeowner (see #2 below)

1) New Homes nearing One Year of age:   I perform "One Year Warranty" Inspections.  Let me help you have the builder take care of important, missed items before he gets off the hook!
•Foundation/Grading/Drainage  •Electrical System/Safety  •Attic Structure/Insulation/Ventilation  •Heating & A/C Systems  •Water Heater  •Roof •Plumbing/Drains  •Appliances  •Ceilings/Walls/Floors/Doors  •Lawn Sprinkler System.... and more...

I'll provide you a custom report, with photos and clear comments about all areas of concern. Email me at:  or Call 512-589-4096 for a free quote.

2) A Warranty Purchased by a Homeowner is a type of insurance policy. Be sure to read all of the fine print. Be aware of any excluded items, minimum service charges, and deductibles. Also, make sure you comply with any requirements for routine maintenance. For instance, some companies may require you to show evidence (receipts) for annual routine servicing of your heating/air conditioning system in order to honor your warranty.

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Here's what our clients say about us

"Larry - You have been MOST helpful!!! I thank you for your assistance with the gas matter and also for providing those documents to make our move easier. You are truly a generous and helpful person, and that is rare to find these days. If I know of anyone in the area needing an inspection in the future, I will surely pass your name along! Best Regards." - B. K. (Austin, Texas)


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