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Foreclosures and REOs

If you are considering buying a foreclosure / REO property, ask your realtor or agent to assist you with the following:

It will be very important that utilities (electricity, water and gas) are ON for all systems to be observed in operation during the inspection.

For a variety of reasons (safety and liability being chief among them) inspectors will not want to turn on or activate any circuit breakers or supply vales (water or gas) that are found “Off.”

If one or more utilities have been turned off, ask your realtor for help.  Utility companies can sometimes turn the utilities on for a limited time for inspections.



Main breakers should be on and accessible prior to inspection.

All circuit breakers should be and accessible on prior to inspection.



The plumbing system of a foreclosed home is often “winterized.” It is best to have the home “de-winterized” by the home’s owner.

This includes:

∙ Having the water supply to home turned on

∙ Turning on supply valves to sinks, toilets, dishwasher, water heater, etc.

∙ Water heaters should already have been activated prior to the inspection.  (Pilot light lit if gas-fired, or circuit breakers on if electric.)


If the home has a gas-fired water heater, the pilot light should have already been lit prior to inspection.

If the home has a gas-fired heating system that has a pilot light, this pilot light should have already been lit.

Supply valve for the kitchen’s ovens and ranges should be on, with any pilot lights already lit prior to inspection.

If all systems are not "on" and ready to operate, the home inspection will be limited.


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